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Advising FAQs

Who is my Advisor?

Stephanie Champlin ( is the Academic Advisor for the Health Studies major.

How many credits do I need to complete my Health Studies degree?

The Health Studies major is 120 credits. Therefore, to graduate in 4 years, you must take 30 credits per year (fall, spring, and/or summer). For more detailed course requirements please see the Curriculum Sheet.

What is a General Education Course?

General Education courses are course that all university student must take to give a breadth of knowledge across disciplines. A HS major will be required to take 40 credits of Gen. Ed courses. As a HS major some of your general education courses are specific to your program so you must consult your curriculum worksheet for specific classes.

The general education program is divided into the following core areas:

  • English Communication. Six credits in English communication, at least three of which must be in a course designed specifically to improve written communication skills.
  • Fine Arts and Literature. Six credits in courses on artistic and literary expression and interpretation.
  • Foreign Language/Cross-cultural Competence. Six credits or the equivalent in course work related to communicating across cultures.
  • Letters. Six credits in courses that address the wisdom and traditions of the past and present in a global setting.
  • Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning. Three credits in a course on mathematical or quantitative skills and their application.
  • Natural Sciences. Six credits in courses on the interrelationships of the natural world.
  • Social Sciences. Six credits in courses related to the study of human behavior in social, economic, cultural, and political contexts.

What is the best way to keep track of my progress in completing course requirements?

Refer to the curriculum sheet and be sure to record every course that you take on the Curriculum Sheet.

What are the requirements for being admitted to the Health Studies degree program?

To transfer out of University College and be admitted to Health Studies, you must complete 24 credits with an overall GPA of 2.00 or better, prior to acceptance: You can calculate your GPA by going to Academic Calculator on the University College web site.

Will I have an academic faculty advisor?

When you get your admittance letter to HSS you are automatically assigned an HS advisor. The best way to make an appointment is to contact your advisor by e-mail. Make an appointment with your advisor to go over your academic plan. Meet with your advisor regularly. Always bring your curriculum sheet with you for an advising appointment.

Can I concentrate in certain areas of Health Studies?

All HS majors can choose to concentrate in one of three areas. Global and Environmental Health, Health Promotion and Health Services.

Can I minor in another area as an HS major?

Students in HS can easily minor in another area because the major allows 25-31 credits of free electives. These free electives can be the courses you choose for your 18 credits of a minor or from the suggested list. You must see your advisor to help plan your minor.


Join Rhode Island Public Health Association (RI PHA)

Health Studies is an institution member of the Roide Island Public Health Association (RI PHA), which allows Health Studies majors to become student members for $10/year.

RIPHA is a professional organization that works toward the advancement of public health. The vision of RIPHA is a safe and healthier Rhode Island and the mission of RIPHA is to influence public health policy and promote public health practice in Rhode Island. RIPHA brings together professionals in a unique, multi-disciplinary environment for idea exchange, study, and action

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Questions about the Health Studies major?

Visit our Advising FAQ page

Or contact the Academic Advisor:

Stephanie Champlin
Phone: (401) 874-2470



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