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Global and Environmental Health    |    Health Promotion    |    Health Services

Global and Environmental Health

This specialization prepares students to address health problems and concerns that transcend national boundaries. The goals of the curriculum are to: child oral vaccination

  1. foster critical thinking about world health problems and disparities;
  2. examine biological, social, economic, political, and environmental factors that influence global health problems;
  3. develop practical strategies and sustainable international partnerships to address major global health and environmental challenges; and
  4. inspire a commitment to real world change.

Course Options

For the Global and Environmental Health specialization, students must select a minimum of 18-24 credits (6 courses) from the list below. At least 4 courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Courses selected must be from at least three different disciplines/departments.

APG 319 (3 cr) Cultural Behavior and Environment

BIO/ENT 286 (3 cr) Humans, Insects and Disease

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
BPS 201 (3 cr) How Drugs Work
BPS 202 (3 cr) Maintaining Health in Age of Chemicals

Communication Studies/Sustainability
COM/SUS 315 (3 cr) Environmental Dimensions of Communication

Honors Program
HPR 319 (3 cr) The Global Challenge of Emerging Infectious Disease in Developing Nations

Natural Resources Science/Community Planning
NRS 100 (3 cr) Natural Resource Conservation
NRS/CPL 300 (3 cr) Intro to Global Issues in Sustainable Development
NRS 411 (3 cr) Population and Environmental Change

Nursing/Pharmacy Practice
NUR/PHP 114 (3 cr) Responsible Health Care
PHP/NUR 143 (4 cr) Sustainable Solutions for Global Hlt Problems
NUR 160 (3 cr) Exploring Global Health

PHL 454 (3 cr) Philosophy of Natural Science

Grand Challenge Courses
GCH 104 (4 cr) Health and Disease: On the Brink of Disaster

Political Science
PSC 113 (4 cr) Introduction to American Politics
PSC 402 (4 cr) Environmental Policy and Politics
PSC 403 (4 cr) Global Eco-politics

Women's Studies
WMS 325 (3 cr) International Women's Issues


Join Rhode Island Public Health Association (RI PHA)

Health Studies is an institution member of the Roide Island Public Health Association (RI PHA), which allows Health Studies majors to become student members for $10/year.

RIPHA is a professional organization that works toward the advancement of public health. The vision of RIPHA is a safe and healthier Rhode Island and the mission of RIPHA is to influence public health policy and promote public health practice in Rhode Island. RIPHA brings together professionals in a unique, multi-disciplinary environment for idea exchange, study, and action

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