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Faculty and Staff

Stephanie Champlin

Stephanie Champlin
Academic Advisor
Office: Independence Square, Room 210
Phone: (401) 874-2470

Molly Greaney
Assistant Professor, Program Director
Office: Independence Square, Room 224
Phone: (401) 874-7499



Natalie Sabik

Assistant Professor of Health Studies

Office: Independence Square, Room 225

Phone: (401) 874-5439


Advisory Boards


Richard Esposito, Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH)

Candi Fioravanti, Clinical Health Coaching Manager, Provant Health Solutions

JoAnn Hillman, CDC Public Health Informatics

Robert Marshall, Assistant Director of Health, RI Health Department (Retired)

Ana Novais, RI Department of Health

Edward Quinlan, Hospital Association of Rhode Island (Retired)

Kurt Rix, The Health & Wellness Institute


Dr. Sue Adams, Department of Human Development & Family Studies
Ms. Stephanie Champlin, Health Studies Program
Dr. Phil Clark, Program in Gerontology

Dr. Geoff Greene, Department of Nutrition
Dr. Stephen Kogut, College of Pharmacy
Ms. Kathryn Meier, Cancer Prevention Research Center

Dr. Patricia Morokoff, Psychology

Ms. Ellen Reynolds, URI Health Services
Dr. Deborah Riebe, Department of Kinesiology
Dr. Andrea Rusnock, Department of History
Dr. Abran Salazar, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Donna Schwartz-Barcott, College of Nursing
Dr. Alison Tovar, Nutrition and Food Sciences

Dr. Anthony Wheeler, College of Business



Join Rhode Island Public Health Association (RI PHA)

Health Studies is an institution member of the Roide Island Public Health Association (RI PHA), which allows Health Studies majors to become student members for $10/year.

RIPHA is a professional organization that works toward the advancement of public health. The vision of RIPHA is a safe and healthier Rhode Island and the mission of RIPHA is to influence public health policy and promote public health practice in Rhode Island. RIPHA brings together professionals in a unique, multi-disciplinary environment for idea exchange, study, and action

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URI Announces New Major


New Health Studies major is unique to public Higher Education in New England

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Visit our Advising FAQ page

Or contact the Academic Advisor:

Stephanie Champlin
Phone: (401) 874-2470



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