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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Guidelines for Personal Statement


The Department of Human Development and Family Studies assesses the fit between your interests and abilities and the goals of the Couple and Family Therapy program. To help aid in this assessment, we require that you create a personal/professional narrative.


1. Tell us how your life experiences, including your work (paid or volunteer) with individuals and families, have influenced your decision to pursue the CFT degree.


2. Explain how this degree will assist in developing your professional career goals.


3. Describe your personal strengths that will aid you in your CFT training.


4. What challenges do you anticipate as a CFT graduate student?


5. Graduate education requires sophisticated writing and critical thinking skills. Discuss the reasons why you believe you will be able to meet the academic requirements of a rigorous graduate program. As part of this, please discuss how well your undergraduate GPA reflects your academic abilities.


6. As an addendum to the personal statement, please indicate whether you plan to complete the program as a full or part-time student and whether your attendance will be contingent on receiving financial aid


All materials should be submitted on-line at