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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Masters Program in Couple & Family Therapy

Program Educational Plan

CFT Sample Program Plan for Full-Time Students

The following is a full time sample program plan. All students complete an individual program of study in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Students who are enrolled full time complete the program in two years. Clinical training (practicum) begins in the second semester and continues throughout the program including the summer session. A one-year off-site internship in couple and family therapy begins in the second year of studies.

Courses meet once weekly, and are taught as graduate seminars in three hour time blocks both day and evening. Practica are scheduled during evening hours. The program requires the completion of 60cr hours with 50% of program credits dedicated to supervised clinical work. In a typical semester students are enrolled for 12-15 credit hours.


HDF 536           Family Dynamics & Health OR HDF 578

HDF 563           Marital and Family Therapy I

HDF 570           Research in Human Development and Family Studies

HDF 565           Family Therapy Pre-Practicum



HDF 501           Developmental Science in Family Contexts

HDF 559           Diversity in App. Fam. Settings OR HDF 505

HDF 564           Marital and Family Therapy II

HDF 569           Assessment in Family Therapy



HDF 565           Family Therapy Practicum

*Elective course



HDF 566           Theoretical and Clinical Problems

HDF 578           Ethics & Professional Issues OR HDF 536

HDF 583           Master’s Internship

HDF 565           Family Therapy Practicum

*Elective course (if not taken)



HDF 505           Human Sexuality and Counseling OR HDF 559

HDF 581           Professional Seminar

HDF 584           Master’s Internship

HDF 565           Practicum (if needed) or Independent Study

*Elective course (if not taken)

Program of Study Form
Current students can use this sample CFT Masters Degree Program of Study as a guide for completing the Graduate School's Program of Study form.