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Student with mannequins

Martin Bide

Ph.D., University of Bradford, United Kingdom, 1979

Quinn Hall, Room 311
(401) 874-2276


Martin is the department's textile scientist. At the undergraduate level he teaches TMD 303, 313 (Textile Science and Lab), TMD 403 (Textile Performance), TMD 413 (Dyeing and Finishing) and TMD 113 (Color Science).


Research interests are dyeing, printing, dyestuff analysis, wool processing, and color science, the environmental effects of textile processing, and biomedical textiles. He has worked on pollution prevention projects in Tunisia, Ecuador and India.  Margaret Ordoñez and he provided the FBI a database of dyed fibers, and Martin spoke at the Fall 2004 Forensic Science seminar series.  He is working on a number of grants to develop infection resistant medical materials, most of it in cooperation with BioSurfaces, Inc. of Ashland, MA. One project has resulted in a patent for a multifunctional wound dressing: more details are in an extract from the patent disclosure.  Another patent application deals with a nanofibrous small-diameter artificial artery: details of this invention are available in an extract from the patent disclosure.

In March, Martin was awarded the 2011Olney Medal of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists ( at their International Conference in March.  This award is for "achievement in textile chemistry" and he joins a list of worthy recipients going back to 1944. 

He is also active in the administration of AATCC, serving as its president in 2007 and 2008.  Previously he has chaired AATCC committees on Applied Dyeing Theory, Safety, Health and Environmental Technology, and Publications, and served as the Association's New England Regional Vice President. His extensive service to AATCC was recognized in 2010 with the Association's Chapin Award. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Dyers and Colourists, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Recent Publications:

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