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Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design

Visiting Scholar Guidelines

Every year the TMD Department receives requests for visiting scholar status from academics at foreign institutions of higher learning. To evaluate and respond to these requests, the TMD Department has guidelines:

1.The scholar's background and research interests must fit well with the goals and needs of the department.
2.The department can accommodate no more than one scholar in residence at any time.
3.The scholar should make some contribution to the department through presentations, collaboration on a research project, or teaching a class. Compensation is possible only if the visiting scholar is the instructor for an entire course. Compensation for teaching is possible only in the event that a visiting scholar is the instructor for an entire course. Other sources of support such as research grants may be available.
4.The visiting scholar must be proficient in the English language.
5.Any costs associated with travel, lodging, and obtaining the necessary visas and permissions are to be borne by the visiting scholar. The fee charged for DS2019 immigration document is $150 at present.
6.One or more faculty member(s) must agree to mentor the visiting scholar.
7.TMD will provide an office space.