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TMD Internships

Internships are periods of practical experience in a textile or textile-related field. This experience supplements the coursework and gives you valuable experience in a career. It might also be useful to let you understand what you don't want to do when you graduate. It is unrealistic to do an internship without some background knowledge gained from coursework, so internships are carried out in the junior or senior year. For some areas of internship there are preferred course prerequisites.

An internship requires three things: you (the student), a placement and a faculty supervisor.  An internship will often begin with two of these, followed by finding the third. So, if you are interested in an internship you could approach the appropriate faculty member (see areas of specialization below) who would suggest places to apply.  Or you could find a placement, and then ask the faculty member to supervise it.  Or a company might call the department to advertise an internship opportunity, and you could respond to the announcement. 

Once these details are settled, the forms start flying....

First, you need to complete the Internship Application form

As soon as possible, you, the employer, and the faculty member fill out and sign the internship contract (a guide and liability check for the employer), and the internship learning contract (which details your duties, hours, responsibilities, number of credits, and how you will be graded for the experience.)  You should also speak with your academic advisor about the number of credits that you should earn for the internship.

The you can actually register for the course.  You will need a permission number from the instructor to register for TMD 461 and/or TMD 462, the course codes for internships.  Consult the faculty areas of specialization below in making your choice. 

Please note: these details have to be in place before you start to earn credit for your internship. You cannot do the internship and then arrange to get credit for it afterwards.

The list of summer internships below give an idea of the places TMD students have interned in the recent past.

Summer 2013 Internships

Erica Wright

Tosser Magazine

Brighton, Massachusetts

Stephanie Nable

Marie Claire, New York

Victoria Olsen

5 Star Apparel, New York

Rachel Roth

Marc Jacobs New York

Amy Ferullo

BJ's Whole Foods Boston, MA

Mackenzie Garry

Nordstroms Providence, RI

Rebecca Newman

Pink Clouds, New York

Aaron Petralla The Blind King, Providence, RI

Emily Zarecki

Jankele Corporation, New York

Marlene Castillo

Domain LTD, Providence, RI

Danielle Keefe

Puma, Boston, MA

Kara Guarino

Rhode Island Design Center Warwick, RI

Nina Perry

Shoppe Pioneer, Providence RI

Meryl Dressler,

Ross Simons Cranston RI


Natash Cummings

Gossip Boutique, Newport RI

Stephanie D'Onofrio

Green Envy, Newport RI

Rachel LIeberman

Showroom Delfina, New York

Chloe Mosbacher

Hatch Maternity Collection, New York

Christina Mosca

Gossip Boutique, Warwick RI

Emily Pisano

Malena's Boutique, West Chester, PA

Kimberly Ross

Domain PR, New York

Danielle Silva

Alex and Ani Corporate Offices

Cranston, RI

Hannah Doster

Domanine Ltd, Providence RI

Katie Preuhs

Alex and Ani, Mashantucket CT

Kayla Trombino

XSRE Retail Group, New York

Blair Vigneron

Luxe Magazine, New York

Adrianna Sabatino

Nordstrom, Providence RI


Summer 2012 Internships:


Camille Griswold

Green Envy, Newport RI

Jenna Centopani

Giorgio Armani, NYC


Diana Villareal

Camille Bridal Couture West Hartford, CT

Elena Ostergren

Women’s Wear Daily, NYC

Laura Foray

Cut on your Bias, NYC

Samantha Markel

Gennaro, Inc. Cranston, RI

Samanta Santore

Donna Karan, NYC

Kyle Bowen

David Yurman, NYC

Laura Ryan Scorpio Accessories LLC Warwick, RI

Sandra Farfan

Vera Wnag, NYC

Samantha Fox

Tommy Hilfiger, NYC

Kayla Pistorio

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Buffalo, New York

Stephanie Roland

Gucci, NYC

Kezia Gamba

Susan Miller & Susan Son


Leslie Govalet

Draper, Canton, Mass.

Carly Camac

Kimberly Ovitz Design, NYC

Marissa Horner

Jones Group

White Plains, NY

Samantha Fass

World Marketing, Inc

New York City

Stephanie Cavataio

Anthropologie (Visual Merchandising), Short HIlls, NJ

Samantha Lusniak

Good Housekeeping Magazine New York City

Vannessa Vanasse

PONO by Joan Goodman


Amelia Dias

America's Cup, Newport, RI

Nicole Vento

Kiton, New York City

Haily Cowan

Jordan Caterers Cheshire, Ct

Jocelyn Fraser

Nordstrom, Burlington, Mass.

Shelby Carroll

Smith Optics

Marshfield, Mass.

Kayla Whittemore

Louis, Boston, Massachusetts

Sarah Templeton

(Grad Student)

DZ Group, New York City

Hilary Baker (Grad Student)

American Textile History Museum Lowell, Mass.

Sarah Lockrem (Grad Student)

Christian Louboutin

New York City


Areas of Specialization and TMD Faculty

Fashion Merchandising/Marketing: retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing, forecasting or product development.  Prerequisites may apply.

  • Dr. Yvette Harps-Logan, Quinn 309A
  • Dr. Sheng Lu, Quinn 309B

Interior Design: interior space planning, furniture, furnishings, or research. TMD 226 and 426 are suggested as prerequisites.

  • See Your Advisor

Textile Science: textile production or laboratory, working in areas such as dyeing and finishing, quality assurance testing.  TMD 303 and 313 should be taken prior to an internship.

  • Dr. Martin Bide, Quinn 311

Apparel Design/Development:  textile and apparel design and construction, pattern making, styling in a textile or apparel firm. Students should take TMD 222 before this internship and other apparel courses as appropriate to the position.

  • Dr. Susan Hannel, Qinn 309C
  • Dr. Karl Aspelund, Quinn 221

Historic Textiles and Costume:  work in an historical society, museum, or textile conservation laboratory.  Students should have at least one course of the historic sequence (TMD 240/440/441) before this internship.

  • Dr. Margaret Ordoñez, Quinn 211A
  • Dr. Linda Welters, Quinn 303


  1. The above faculty have primary responsibility for these areas, but other faculty may supervise internships.
  2. TMD faculty are expected to contact internship supervisors at least twice during the internship.  This contact should be documented by either letter or email.

Syllabus for TMD 461, 462

Internship Application

Internship Contract

Internship Learning Contract

Internship Evaluation Form