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Master Seamstress Program


Office of Special Programs
80 Washington Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone (401)277-5050
Fax (401) 277-5060


Originally part of the URI Cooperative Extension, the Master Seamstress Program is now run through URI's Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education. The program offers very practical instruction in all aspects of apparel construction.

To quote Diane Martin, the director, "The Master Seamstress Program is a stepping stone to all levels of education in the fashion apparel industry. It is brought to the design student as a preparatory program to build skill needed in design construction. The program gives the dressmaker the confidence to start or expand on a business plan. The goal is to reach the design concept with professional technique."

The program consists of two levels, I and II. Level I is offered as a year-long course. Level II is a series of specialized small courses. These courses are open to the public, and have no prerequisites.

NOTE: These courses may provide useful skills to students of URI's textile programs. However, they are not part of URI's regular course offerings. Therefore, a) they must be paid for separately from regular URI tuition, and b) they do not earn credit towards a URI degree.


Call URI/CCE Annie Tella @ 277-5050 or

Program Coordinator Diane Martin @ 762-0960

Full Details and Program Brochures