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Scenes from the Instructional Development Program

Instructional Development Program


Teaching Fellows Program

                Teaching Fellows


Teaching Fellows 1The Teaching Fellows Program brings together 12 to 15 faculty interested in meeting regularly over the academic year to explore several topics related to teaching and learning in depth. Teaching Fellows participate in a variety of activities and meetings, including:

  • A day-long orientation meeting focused on learning styles
  • The course planning workshops held the week before fall semester begins
  • A seminar that meets every other week throughout the fall and spring semesters (IDP staff select fall semester topics; Teaching Fellows identify topics for spring seminar meetings)
  • Individual consultation focusing on at least one course each semester

The Teaching Fellows Program requires a longer term and more intensive time commitment than other IDP workshops and seminars. Participants say the pay-off comes from in-depth exploration of issues, on-going conversation with colleagues in different disciplines, and a sense of camaraderie with people who share interest in teaching and learning.


Course Planning Workshops

AUG 26 - 30, 2013