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Managing In-Country Emergencies

Common Responses for all Emergencies

Program Directors should always have a copy of each student’s passport, HTH card, and emergency contact information on them. The Office of Global Education will also have copies of these items on file.

Step 1:

Assess, as best possible, that the student(s) is/are all right both physically and emotionally.

Step 2: 

Program Directors must immediately inform other participants not to call, text, email, Facebook, tweet, or communicate via any other social media, to friends or family until the inflicted student’s parents/guardians have been notified of the emergency situation by a designated representative from the University of Rhode Island.

Step 3: 

Contact the local authorities (when appropriate), Contact HTH (when appropriate).

Step 4: 

Determine the urgency of the situation and keep a log of what has happened and the responses (who, what, when, where, why, and how).

Step 5: 

Notify the University of Rhode Island immediately:

             Office of International Education

             24-Hour University Number: (401) 874-2121

             Office Phone Number: (401) 874-5546

When contacting the University of Rhode Island, program directors must be prepared to provide the following information::

  • Name of the student

  • Details of the emergency

  • Current location and any update to the director’s contact information

  • Name and contact information for a second local person

Due Dates: Program Request Forms AY 15-16

Winter J Term: April 1, 2015

Spring Break: June 1, 2015

Summer Term: September 1, 2015


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