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Italy and Greece
Summer 2016

Students will begin this journey exploring Rome, Florence and Pompeii before setting out to explore the settings, structures and cultures that remain of the once mighty Greek empire. Gaze out from Pericles' greatest vision after two throusand years of war, bombardment and reconstruction. Discuss the feats of Michael Phelps and company at the site where the modern Olympics were born and ponder life's great questions in literal molds of Socrates, Plato and the gang. Travel arrangements will be handled by EF College Study Tours. Registration with EF College Study Tours will be required upon admittance to the program. For last years program itinerary, click here.


Students will earn 3-6 credits for the following courses:

  • Program A (3 credits): Greek Mythology (CLA 395: Greek Mythology: Gods, Heroes, and Humans). This course satisfies a Fine Arts and Literature requirement. All program participants required to take this course.

  • Program B (6 credits): CLA 395 and Directed Study (CLA 497). Directed study project will have an aspect of Ancient Greek culture and civilization and will have some component to be completed in Greece. It will require pre-departure research and will include a paper or some other suitable final project due after returning from Greece. The project will be decided in consultation with the instructor. This course is optional.

  • Mandatory online classes will be held two weeks prior to departure from the US.

Housing and Dining:

While in Greece, students will stay in triple occupancy rooms with a private bath.  Continental breakfast and dinner will be provided. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own lunch.

Cultural Activities:

Students will engage in 5 site seeing tours led by expert local guides in Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae.  Students will also have the opportunity to visit the Acroplolis Museum, Delphi Museum and Olympia Museum.


Students also have the opportunity to participate in a full day excursion to Cape Souninon and view one of the most imposing sights in the ancient world. High above the sparkling Aegean Sea, the temple of Poseidon, one of Greece's most evocative ruins, dominates the landscape. Sixteen elegant Doric pillars remain today and on a clear day, you can view up to five Aegean Islands from the site.


If students wish they may extend their tour by 4 days by participating in a 4 day cruise of the islands and coastal towns of Greece and Turkey. Turkish, Roman and Greek influences helped shape the unique blend of cultures you'll encounter. At points of disembarkation, you may choose to participate in additional excursions offered by the cruise line.

Program Fees:

EF Tours Fee: TBA   URI Fee: TBA  Total: TBA

3-6 URI Credits Round-trip airfare Triple room occupancy
Continental breakfast and dinner
Excursions and activities
In-country transportation


 NOTE: Fee subject to change



Program Deadlines

Application Deadline: TBA

Final Payment Due: TBA


For more information, please contact:

Program Director URI Faculty-Led Programs
Daniel P. Carpenter 37 Lower College Road
Language Department International Center
401-874-4703 401-874-5546


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