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Kaylan - South Africa

My study abroad experience has gone from an experiment to a passion. I spent the summer of 2004 taking classes in Chicoutimi, Quebec, spent the fall in London, England, and currently study in Cape Town, South Africa. I've always wanted to see the world, but I never thought it would work out so easily to do so while getting credit. I finally settled on a major in international business, which combines my aptitude for commerce with my love of all things multicultural. Once I began travelling, the experiences always made me want to see and do more. Living in different places brings an entirely new perspective to my attitude toward both myself and the countless new people I meet. I have learned that people are people no matter where you go; regardless of language, color, or fashion style - there's somewhere you'll fit in. The most rewarding part is finding out how to befriend people you never thought you'd even encounter, let alone sharing a bus seat with. While I'll be glad to spend my senior year at URI, I wouldn't trade this last year-long globe-trotting episode for, well, the world!

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