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Lacey - New Zealand

Studying abroad in New Zealand was an experience of a lifetime. The country is magical; the landscape is stunning and the people are laid-back and friendly. Not many places have such a diverse landscape. I was able to see most of the country, which included the ocean, rolling green hills, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, fiords, hot springs, volcanoes, caves, and the list could go on. For anyone who loves nature, New Zealand is a must see. The geology and wildlife are so unique. I saw sperm whales, New Zealand fur seals, penguins, plus so much more.

The Department of Conservation does an exquisite job of keeping hiking tracks maintained. They have lots tracks for people of varying ability and experience, so anyone can get out there and immerse him or herself in New Zealand's amazing countryside. And for anyone who loves the adrenaline rush, they have multiple opportunities to satisfy that craving too.

Studying at the University of Otago, whiwhich is in Dunedin on the South Island, was a great experience as well (the picture was taken on the Otago Peninsula).

Being educated in a different country, where the culture and perspectives are different, is something everyone should experience if they have the chance. Living with Kiwis (native New Zealanders) really helped me to learn about the culture, and I gained many great new friendships. I definitely plan to go back to New Zealand sometime in the future!


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