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Eligibility for NSE


Admission is based on the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 (note: some institutions have higher requirements)
  • Full-time enrollment at URI during the time of application
  • Recommendation of advisor, dean, and/or faculty
  • Interview with an OIE/NSE advisor
  • Written statement of plans and goals for the period of the exchange
  • Language proficiency when applicable


Transfer of NSE Credit

Students must earn a grade of "C" (2.00) or higher and have the course pre-approved by the appropriate academic department to transfer courses to URI. No credit shall be given for courses in which a "C-" or lower was earned.

NSE credit must be pre-approved (before students depart) using the Office of International and National Student Exchange Prior Approval Form.

Grades earned while participating on the NSE program are not calculated into your URI GPA.



Attend the NSE Placement Meeting

After the February 20th application deadline, a URI representative attempts to place students based on their application preferences. Placement probabilities are governed by the number of openings at an institution and the number of students seeking that location.

Students will receive notice of a mandatory NSE Placement Meeting at URI in the month of March. At this meeting students can:

  • Learn which institution accepted their application
  • Sign an agreement to accept or decline their placement
  • Learn if they have been selected for an special scholarships

After students are placed on the NSE program, their primary contact will be the NSE Coordinator at the host institution. This individual will assist with:

  • Course registration
  • Housing and meals
  • Orientation and term dates

Mandatory URI Pre-Departure Paperwork

(Due May 1st for Fall students / Dec. 1st for Spring students)

1. Prior Approval Form for Off-Campus Study

The Prior Approval Form assures the student that they will receive appropriate transfer credit upon successful completion of an approved exchange program. Approval of a student's study plan requires the signatures of appropriate academic department chairs and her/his dean. Students participating on the NSE program must download the form. This form must then be completed and returned to the NSE office before departing.

2. Pay the Off-Campus Study Registration Fee

The Off Campus Registration (OCS999) Fee is used to keep students in matriculating status at URI while on exchange. This non-refundable fee allows credits earned away to be evaluated and posted to the URI transcript. This fee is paid by check or money order and dropped off to the OIE/NSE with the prior approval form.

Students expecting to use financial aid to cover their expenses must confirm with the appropriate offices that all financial aid materials are in order before leaving URI.

Financial aid for Plan A students is disbursed by the host institution.
Financial aid for Plan B students is disbursed by the Enrollment Services - Financial Aid.

Read the section on the "Cost of the NSE program & Financial Aid" for additional information.


NSE Inforamtion


Prospective NSE Students (URI)

General Information Session

Visiting NSE Students (Non-URI)

Returning NSE Students

Exchange Student Evaluation Form