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Jazz in New Orleans

January 2016


This exciting new class will go beyond the traditional lecture and travel to New Orleans! In preparation for the trip, much of this class will focus on the culture of the city and of early jazz music. Research and discussions will include topics such as costumes, voodoo, Mardi Gras, and other cultural aspects of New Orleans and how it relates to the music.


Students will gain a better understanding of the social context of United States history. They will be able to connect with the early and middle 20th century through the music that defines our American forefathers and their experiences. The students will also gain a better understanding of history based on the fact that hearing the music allows them to empathize on a deeper level.



Students will earn 3 URI credits for MUS 106: Introduction to Jazz. The first part of the course will meet online, January 2 - 12. The group will travel to New Orleans from January 13-16 and finish the course online during the first week of Spring class, January 19-23.


Course work will be supplemented with visits to prominent sites around the French Quarter such as Congo Square and the banks of the Mississippi River. Students will marvel at the beautiful Spanish architecture and enjoy traditional Creole cuisine - "po boy" sandwiches and decadent beignets (doughnuts). Most importantly we will soak in the sounds of the city, which includes an astounding number of street musicians, the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and the wide variety of clubs on the ever-popular Frenchman Street.



New Orleans has a rich cultural history which manifests itself in the cities architecture, cuisine, music and works of art. It straddles the Mississippi River in the southeastern region of Louisiana.

Accommodations and Meals:

Dormitory-style housing with double or single occupancy.


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Program Fee Includes:
Transportation in New Orleans
Excursions and cultural activities


 NOTE: All fees subject to change



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Application Deadline: TBA
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For more information, please contact:


Program Director
URI Faculty-Led Programs Office
Jared Sims
International Center
Department of Music
37 Lower College Road


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