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Study Abroad Policies and Procedures


Program Eligibility
The selection of incoming and outgoing students for national and international exchange programs, study abroad, and international internships, is the responsibility of the Office of International Education, in consultation with faculty, deans and department chairs (when relevant). In most cases, the program provider or host institution determines the ultimate decision for acceptance. Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • QPA (in general minimum of 2.5, some programs have higher requirements)
  • Language proficiency (when applicable)
  • Personal and academic recommendations
  • Interview with an Education Abroad Advisor
  • Written statement of plans and goals for the period of study abroad and/or internship (according to program guidelines)
Transfer of Study Abroad Credit
To receive transfer credit earned while participating in a URI approved Study Abroad Program, students must obtain prior approval from their academic advisor, her/his dean and the URI registrar.

Transfer credit may be given in those courses in which the student received a grade equivalent to a "C" (2.00) or better, but no credit shall be given for courses in which a "C-" or lower was earned.

At URI, grades earned overseas are not calculated into a student's G.P.A.

Study Abroad & URI's Undergraduate General Education Foreign Language & Culture Requirement
In most cases, a full academic semester abroad in an approved academic program, where students earn grades equivalent to a "C" or above, will fulfill URI's Undergraduate General Education Foreign Language Cross-Cultural Requirement. Students should check with the Dean of their college or the URI Catalog to determine if a study abroad experience will satisfy this requirement.

Summer Study Abroad does not fulfill this requirement.

For information about non-affiliated programs, click here