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General Information for Departments


The process of becoming a student intern, international visiting professor and/or research scholar may take days or several months to be completed. Upon timely request, the Office of International Students and Scholars will issue the immigration forms (DS-2019/J1) used by student/interns, research scholars, and professors (and their dependents) to obtain a J-1 visa (or J-2 for dependents) to enter the US.

To obtain a DS-2019 form for a prospective student-intern, research scholar, and/or professor, the sponsoring department must provided the OISS with all required documents on behalf of the principal and his/her dependents (if any), which include:

  1. Letter of invitation, job offer letter, or letter of admission depending on the category (research scholar, professor, degree student)
  2. DS-2019 Request Form (research scholars and professors only)
  3. Processing Fee ($150; research scholars and professors only)
  4. DS-2019 Request Form (students and interns only)
  5. Proof of financial support or funding (all categories)
  6. Biographical passport page (all categories)
  7. Training Internship/Placement Plan or DS-7002 (interns only)
  8. Academic Transcripts (students and interns only)



Please Note:

  • Students and scholars must report to the Office of International Student Services within 30 days of his/her arrival in the U.S.
  • Students must register full-time, at all times, while at URI (some exceptions might apply).
  • Students cannot accept employment without obtaining permission from OISS in advance (Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants are not governed by this rule.
  • Interns are not permitted to register/enroll in URI courses.


Minimum Estimated Monthly Support Level for Research Scholars, Professors, and Interns

EV: $1600/per month (basic living expenses, all three categories)

Dependents (basic living expenses)

Spouse: $350/month

Child: $225/per month/per child

The estimated minimum support for the principal (J-1) and dependents (J-2) DOES NOT include the cost of transportation nor the cost of mandatory health insurance. Additional monthly amounts must be added to the minimum support level to cover the cost of health insurance for the principal (J-1) and the dependents (J-2). Due to the variability in cost of health insurance and transportation, we are not providing you with an amount.

Please Note:

If the research scholar, professor, or Intern will hold a University of Rhode Island appoinment (full time Internal Payroll position of 6 months or more), please inquire with the sponsoring department whether or not they will be eligible for health insurance coverage paid by the University of Rhode Island.

University of Rhode Island • Office of International Students & Scholars • International Center • 37 Lower College Road; Kingston, Rhode Island, 02881


International Student Orientation

Graduate Students

Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Place: Harge Forum, Multicultural Center


Undergraduate, ACE, and Exchange Students

Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Place: Harge Forum, Multicultural Center

Reporting responsibilities of F-1 International Students while on (OPT)

SPRING 2014 OPT workshop schedules are announced.

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