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Academic Training (AT) Workshops

Academic training (AT) allows a J-1 student to engage in work, training or internship experience that is directly related to the student's field of study. Academic training may be:

  • Paid or unpaid
  • Full-time or part-time
  • With one employer or several employers, (U.S. or foreign)
  • Carried out during or after completion of your studies (beginning no later than 30 days after the completion of studies)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be in good academic standing, at the time of the application.
  • AT must be performed with a specific employer or training site.
  • Student must receive written approval in advance (prior to the beginning of the employment) from a Responsible Officer (RO).

Time Limitations

    Degree-seeking students: Degree-seeking students are those enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral programs. These students are permitted an overall limit of 18 months and include all period of academic training to be completed before or after the completion of the degree. The total academic training period may not exceed the amount of time spent in a full-course of study. Example: A student who spent 12 months enrolled in school would be eligible for 12 months of academic training only.

    Non-degree student: Non-degree students are those enrolled in an international exchange program at URI. The total amount of time allowed as an exchange student is 24 months. This period of time must include all study time and all academic training time. Approved academic training time will only equal the amount of time spent while enroll in courses. Example: A student who spent four months at URI is eligible for four months of academic training only.

NOTE: We encourge you to make individual appointments with Melissa De Jesus ( to learn about AT.

University of Rhode Island • Office of International Students & Scholars • International Center • 37 Lower College Road; Kingston, Rhode Island, 02881


International Student Orientation

Date: Friday, September 4, 2015


Place: Multicultural Center

Undergraduate Students' Time:

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Graduate Students' Time:

1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.



Reporting responsibilities of F-1 International Students while on (OPT)

FALL 2015 OPT workshop schedule: Available

Host Family Application Download in PDF format