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URI Student Conduct

Conduct Board Hearing:

Preparing a Case

If you choose to have your case handled by the University Conduct Board, consider these tips in preparing your case.

Opening Statement. Make notes to be sure your presentation is organized, shows an understanding of the charges, and demonstrates the main point and purpose of each witness. Remember, the opening statement forms the board's first impression of you.

Witnesses. Witnesses should have firsthand knowledge of the event.

Questions. Prepare questions for your witnesses. Take notes during the hearing, and prepare questions for the accuser(s) and opposing witness(es).

Case Presentation. Make all your statements clearly and concisely. Bring whatever materials you need, e.g. maps or diagrams, to best present your case to the board.

Closing Statement. Once again, focus on expressing yourself in a clear, concise, and organized manner.

Sanction. Review the proposed sanction(s), and be prepared to make an alternative recommendation. You may bring character witnesses (individuals with firsthand knowledge of your character) to strengthen your position.