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Last updated: 12/03/08

Understanding Your Library Barcode

What is your barcode?
Every registered library borrower is assigned a unique 14-digit barcode that identifies him or her in the HELIN library computer system (for example, 21222005012345). This barcode is located on the front of your University ID (or on the back of older ID’s). [If you are not a URI student, faculty or staff member, your barcode can be found on the front of your Special Borrower’s Card.]

Activating or renewing your library barcode
Before being able to use many of the Libraries’ services, you may need to activate your barcode. To do this, go to the Circulation Desk at your home library (Kingston, CCE, or Pell). You will be asked for your address, phone number, e-mail and additional information. Your library registration will then be activated or renewed.

Using your library barcode
You need an active barcode to do any of the following activities:

No Letters!
If on your University ID the letter “A”, or any other letter appears at the beginning and/or end of your barcode, IGNORE IT! Whenever you are prompted by the computer to enter your barcode, enter only the 14 numbers! Do not include any letters!

Additional information
If you have any additional questions about your barcode or if you just want to check to see whether or not it is active, please contact the Circulation Desk at your home library:

Kingston: (401) 874-2672
CCE: (401) 277-5130
Pell: (401) 874-6161
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