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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1991


Boyle, Edmund J., Marshall A. Geiger and Jeffrey K. Pinto. "Empirical Note on Creativity as a Covariate of Learning Style Preference." Perceptual and Motor Skills. 73(l):265-266. 1991.

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Vangermeersch, Richard.  SEE also: Schwarzbach, Henry R.

Vangermeersch, Richard. "Book Review: William L. Weis, David E. Tinius and Chauncy Burke, Producers. Luca Pacioli: Unsung Hero of the Renaissance." Issues in Accounting Education. 6(2):352-353. Fall 1991.

Vangermeersch, Richard, Editor. "Book Reviews (Column) " Issues in Accounting Education. 6(l):139-162. Spring 1991; 6(2):331-355. Fall 1991.

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Vangermeersch, Richard, Selector. Relevance Rediscovered, Volume II; An Anthology of 25 Significant Articles to Help Today's and Tomorrow's Problems NACA Bulletins and Yearbooks, 1929-1939. Institute of Management Accountants. 1991.  448p.

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