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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1991

Community Planning & Area Development

Atash, Farhad. "Coping With Rural Fiscal Problems in the 1990's: A Review of Fiscal Management Strategies."  IN: Rural Planning and Development; Visions of the 21st Century; Proceedings of the Conference, 13-15 February 1991, Orlando, Florida. University of Florida. 1991.

Atash, Farhad. "Fiscal Impacts of Economic Changes on the Revenues and Expenditures of Rural Local Governments and Committees."  IN: . 1991.Economic Productivity and Adaptability. Northeast Regional Center for Rural; Development. 1991.

Atash, Farhad. "Transforming Downtown Providence." Urban Design and Preservation Quarterly. 14(2):6-9. Summer 1991.

Feld, Marcia Marker. "Book Review: Knowledge and Public Policy: The Search for Meaningful Indicators. Judith Eleanor Innes." Journal of the American Planning Association. 57(3):390-392. Summer 1991.

Feldman, Marshall M. A. "Technological Change, Industrial Organization, and the Restructuring of United States Manufacturing."  IN: New Technologies and Spatial Systems, ed. by John Brother and Michael Batty. Longmans. 1991.  p.307-321.

Foster, Howard H. "The RISDIC Scandal (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. March 1, 1991.  p.A-17.

Jensen, Marjorie E. "Don't Gloss Over the Safety Hazards of Paint and Paint Thinners." In Touch. 14(1):13. March/April 1991.

Jensen, Marjorie. "How Should I Reshingle My House?" In Touch. 14(1):13. March/April 1991.

Jensen, Marjorie. "Is Mortgage Overload Weighing You Down?" In Touch. 14(4):14. September/October 1991.

Jensen, Marjorie. "URI Colloquium Offers a Historic View Linking Banking, Housing Crises." In Touch. 14(5):13-14. November/December 1991.

Jensen, Marjorie E. "Water That's Too Hard or Too Soft Can mar G;asses." In Touch. 13(6):8. January/February 1991.

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