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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1991

Civil & Environmental

Alkhatib, E. A. and L. T. Thiem. "Wastewater Oil Removal Evaluated." Hydrocarbon Processing. 70(8):77-80. August 1991.

Holtz, Robert D. and William D. Kovacs. Introduction a la Geotechnigue. Traduit par Jean Lafleur. Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. 1991.  808p.

Hu, Sau-Lon James and George Tsiatis. "Interaction Between Waves and a Floating Body With Tension Legs."  IN: ASCE Engineering Mechanics Specialty Conference on Mechanics Computing in the 1990's and Beyond. Columbus. OH, USA, May 20-22, 1991. ASCE. 1991. p.484-488.

Hu, Sau-Lon James, George Tsiatis and James J. McGrath. "Optimal Linearization of Morison-Type Wave Loading." Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 117(7):1537-1553. July 1991.

Hu, Sau-Lon James and George Tsiatis. "Wave Loading Linearization for Offshore Structures."  IN; ASCE Engineering Mechanics Specialty Conference on Mechanics Computing in the 1990's and Beyond, Columbus, OH, USA, May 20-22.1991. ASCE. 1991.  p.484-488.

Karamanlidis, Dimitros and Vikas Prakash. "Beam-Column Element on Weak Winkler Foundation, by A. Ghani Razaqpur: Discussion." Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 117(l0):2451-2453. Oct. 1991.

Kovacs, William D.  SEE also: Holtz, Robert D.

Kovacs, William D., K. Wayne Lee and Myung-Sub Jin. Seasonal Variation of Soil Resistent Modulus for Rhode Island. V.1. [Final Report]. v.2. A Manual for Operating the H & V Machine to Determine the Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils. Prepared for the RI Dept. of Transportation in Cooperation With the Federal Highway Administration. University of Rhode Island, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. 1991.

Lee, Kang Won (Wayne).  SEE also: Kovacs, William D.

Lee, K. W. and G. E. Bowen. "Standardization in Pavement Management Implementation for Municipally Maintained Roads in Rhode Island."  IN: Pavement Management Implementation. Frank B. Holt and Wade L. Gramling, Editors. ASTM. (ASTM Special Technical Publication, V.1121) 1991.  p.211-227.

Thiem, Leon T.  SEE: Alkhatib, E. A.; Wright, Raymond M.

Tsiatis, George. SEE also: Hu, Sau-Lon James.

Tsiatis, George and H. Sadid. "Earthquake Response of Hysteretic Mass Column Using Non-Gaussian Closure." Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 10(5):256-263. July 1991.

Tsiatis, George. "Ground Motion Model for Puget Sound Cohesionless Soil Sites." Earthquake Spectra. May 1991.

Urish, Daniel W.  SEE also: Wright, Raymond M.

Urish, D. W., S. B. Chase and M. J. O'Reilly. "The Dynamics of Coastal Groundwater Outflow (Abstract)."   IN:: Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec.9 13,1991.   p.179.

Urish, Daniel W. "Freshwater Inflow to the Narrow River." Maritimes. 35(2):12-14. May 1991.

Urish, Daniel W. "Hydrogeology of Caribbean Coral Reef Islands."  IN: Coastlines of the Caribbean, ed. by G. Cambers. American Society of Civil Engineers. 1991. p.136 148.

Wright, Raymond M., Daniel W. Urish and Igor Runge. "The Hydrology of a Caribbean Mangrove Island."  IN: Coastlines of the Caribbean, ed. by G. Cambers. American Society of Civil Engineers. 1991. p.170 184.

Wright, Raymond M., Leon T. Thiem and Igor Runge. "Source Identification and Ranking of Wet Weather Discharges in an Urban Area."  IN: Water Resources Planning and Management and Urban Water Resources; Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference and Symposium. ASCE. 1991.  p.1019-1023.

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