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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1991


Costigliola, Frank. "Book Review: Norway and the United States, 1905-1955: Two Democracies in Peace and War. By Wayne S. Cole." Journal of American History. 77(4):1390-1391. March 1991.

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Klein, Maury. "The Diesel Revolution: It Did More Than Make Trains Go Faster It Swept away a Rich, Century old Way of Life." American Heritage of Invention and Technology. 6(5):16-22. Winter 1991.

Klein, Maury. "The Price of Progress."  IN: Humanities Booklet (Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities) 1991 91 # . Unpaged. (Supplement to the Playbill for the Trinity Square Production of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.) 1991.

Thurston, G. "Book Review: Petrushka, the Russian Carnival Puppet Theater. C. Kelly." Russian History. 18(2):221-223. 1991.

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