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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1991

Pharmacognosy & Environmental Health

Chen, Ching-Shih.  SEE also: Shieh, Woan Ru.

Chen, Ching-Shih and Yeuk-Chuen Liu. "Amplification of Enantioselectivity in Biocatalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Racemic Alcohol." Journal of Organic Chemistry. 56(5):1966-1968. March 1, 1991.

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Shimizu, Y., P. Painuly, S. Gupta and N. K. Gulavita. "Dinoflagellater and other Algal Toxins; Chemistry and Toxicology."  IN: Bioactive Compounds From Marine Organisms: With Emphasis on the Indian Ocean: An Indo-United States Symposium. Editors: Mary-Frances Thompson, Rachakonda Sarojini and Rachakonda Nagabhushanam. Oxford & IBH Pub. Co. 1991.  p.97-104.

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