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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992

Communicative Disorders

Culatta, Barbara and Carol Young. "Linguistic Performance as a Function of Abstract Task Demands in Children With Spina Bifida." Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. 34(5):434-440. May 1992.

Grubman-Black, Stephen D. Broken Boy§/Mending Men: Recovery From Childhood Sexual Abuse. Ivy Books (1st Ballentine Books Edition) 1992, c1990.  200p.

Harris, Ovetta L. H. Ethnographic Study of Classroom Reading and Writing Instruction With Severely Speech and Physically Impaired Children. (Thesis - Ph.D.) University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 1992.  302p.

Preece, John P.  SEE also: Tyler, Richard S.

Preece, John P. and Richard S. Tyler. "Consonant Confusions by Users of Three Cochlear Implant Devices." Seminars in Hearing. 13(3):226-238. August 1992.

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