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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992

Community Planning & Area Development

Atash, Farhad. "On the Need for Urban Design Education in American Planning Schools." Urban Design and Preservation Quarterly. 15(2/3):21-24. Summer/Fall 1992.

Feld, Marcia. "A Tribute (Letter)." Journal of the American Planning, Association. 58(4):527. Autumn 1992.

Feldman, Marshall A. "Colloquium Series: The Banking Crises and the Future of Housing, University of Rhode Island, Autumn 1991." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 16(4):641 647.1992.

Foster, Howard H., Jr. "Planning for Providence (Letter)." Providence Sunday Journal. February 2 1992.  p.B-7.

Jensen, Marjorie.  SEE also: White, Betty Jo.

Jensen, Marjorie. "Even the Purists Have Warmed Up to New Tricks for Weatherizing Old Houses." In Touch. 15(5):4. November/December 1992.

Jensen, Marjorie. "Home Loan Borrowers Can Bank on Less When Real Estate Values Drop (Ask the Experts)." In Touch. 14(6):16. January/February 1992.

Jensen, Marjorie E. "It's a Buyer's Market - But Do Your HOMEwork." In Touch. 15(2):6. May/June 1992.

Jensen, Marjorie E. "Learn What Lenders Can Offer to Help You Meet Your Goals." In Touch. 15(l):7. March/April 1992.

Jensen, Marjorie. "Put Safety First If It Becomes Necessary to Use a Home Generator." In Touch. 14(6):15. January/February 1992.

Jensen, Marjorie. "Who Says You Can't Furnish Your New Home on a Shoestring?" In Touch. 15(4):6,10. September/October 1992.

Jensen, Marjorie E. "You Really Should Get to Know How Your Taxes Are Spent and How They Work For You." In Touch 15(3):3. July/August 1992.

Motte, Mark. "Book Review: Race, Development and the New Company Town. . Daniel J. Monti." Journal of the American Planning Association. 58(l):114-115. Winter 1992.

White, Betty Jo, Marjorie Jensen and Christine Cook. Developing Community Housing Needs Assessments and Strategies: A Self-Help Guidebook for Nonmetropolitan Communities. American Association of Housing Educators. 1992.  75p.

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