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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992

Civil & Environmental

Ho, Carlton and George Tsiatis. "Seismic Highway Bridge Design Using Spectra Specific to Washington State." Transportation Research Record. 1336:43-49. 1992.

McEwen, Everett, Charles Nash, Joseph Estrin and Thomas J. Kim. "Implementation of an Undergraduate Integrated Design Program."  IN: Frontiers in Education Conference. (22nd 1992. Nashville, Tenn.) Proceedings: Frontiers in Education Conference ... Towards 2000: Facing the Future in Engineering Education, Edited by Lawrence P. Grayson. IEEE.  1992. p.311-314.

Runge, Igor.  SEE: Wright, Raymond M.

Tsiatis, George.  SEE also: Ho, Carlton.

Tsiatis, George and San Lon James Hu. "Truncation of Infinite Hierarchy for Hysteretic Systems."  IN: Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural and Geotechnical Reliability: Proceedings, Editor, Y. K Lin. American Society of Civil Engineers. 1992.  p.412-415.

Urish, Daniel W.   SEE also: Wright, Raymond M.

Urish, D. W., R. W. Wright, M. J. O'Reilly and R. K. Frohlich. "Leachate Plume Flow in a Coastal Groundwater System: Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown, MA."  IN: Proceedings of the Second National Park Service Conference on Science and Natural Resource Management in the North Atlantic Region, Newport, RI, Nov. 19 20,1992.  p.173-176.

Urish, D. W. and M. I O'Reilly. "Tracking Multiple Pollution in a Coastal Aquifer, Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown, MA (Abstract)."  IN: Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 1992.  p.190.

Veyera, George E., Wayne A. Charlie, Donald 0. Doehring and Marianne E. Hubert. "Measurement of the Pore Pressure Parameter C Less Than Unity in Saturated Sands." Geotechnical Testing Journal. 15(3):223-230. September 1992.

Wright, Raymond M., Igor Runge, Young Soo Lee and Rajat Roy Chadhury. Blackstone River 1990. Narragansett Bay Project. (NBP-92-85) 1992.  221p.

Wright, Raymond M., Igor Runge, Rajat Roy Chaudury and Daniel W. Urish. "Calibration and Validation of the Storm Water Management Model to the Providence Area Combined Sewer System."  IN: Water Form '92 (1992: Baltimore, Md.). Water Resources Planning and Management: Saving a Threatened Resource, in Search of Solutions; Proceedings ... ; Edited by Mohammad Karamouz. American Society of Civil Engineers. 1992.  p.462-467.

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