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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992


Burkett, J. P. "Allocation of Investment Among Soviet Republics in the 180s." In: The Disintegration of the Soviet Economic System, ed. by Michael Ellman and Vladimir Kontorovich. Routledge. 1992.  p.157-173.

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McIntyre, Richard. "Business Viewpoint: Dangers in the Mexican Free Trade Pact." Providence Sunday Journal. October 4, 1992.  p.F3.

McIntyre, Richard. "Business Viewpoint: Taxes Aren't the Real Cause of Rhode Island's Economic Blahs." Providence Sunday Journal. July 19, 1992.  p.F3.

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McIntyre, Richard. "In U.S. Schools, Learning vs. Survival." Providence Sunday Journal. November 8, 1992.  p.17.

McIntyre, Richard. "T'he Political Economy of Intern ational Financial Reforms: A Class Analysis."  IN: Perspectives and Issues in International Political Econo . Edited by Chronis Polychroniou. Praeger. 1992.  p.235-255.

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Ramstad, Y. "Book Review: Economic Interests and Institutions; The Conceptual Foundations of Public Policy. D. W. Bromley." Economic Philosophy. 8:303. 1992.

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