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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992


Action Guide for Rhode Island Seniors; A Directory of Information and Services Available Statewide. Written and Compiled by William Speck; Edited by William Croasdale. 1992.  51 p.

Barton, James F. "Choosing and Using Textbooks: What's New Under the Sun?" Rhode Island Journal of Reading. 9(l):40-45. 1991.

Barton, James F. "Conducting Literature Discussions: Lessons Learned From the Teacher Assessment Project." Teacher Education Quarterly 18(3):97-108. 1991.

Barton, James F., Editorial Board. Rhode Island Reading Review. 1992.

Boulmetis, John. Adult Training and Development Network. Final Evaluative Report. IHSS. 1992.

Brittingham, Barbara. "What Makes Fund Raising Successful?" Planning for Higher Education. 21(2):43 . Winter 1992.

Croasdale, William.  SEE: Action Guide for Rhode....

Russo, F. X. "Book Review: Dow, Peter B. Schoolhouse Politics: Lessons From the Sputnik Era." Choice. 2(8):1276. April 1992.

Russo, F. X. "Book Review: Handbook of Research on Curriculum: A Project of the American Educational Research Association ed. by Philip W. Jackson." Choice. 29(10):1590. June 1992.

Russo, F. X "Book Review: The Uneasy Public Policy Triangle in Higher Education: Quality, Diversity, and Budgetary Efficiency, ed. by David H. Finifter, Roger 0. Baldwin, and John R. Thelin." Choice. 29(7):1135. March 1992.

Sullivan, Richard E. "Reflective Practice and Teacher Education." Experiential Education. 17(l):5,17. January February 1992.

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