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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992


Boss, Judith. "No, Virginia, 'Mere Is No Santa Claus. Someone's Been Lying To You." Free Inquiry. 12(2):52-53. Spring 1992.

Dandekar, Natalie and Edward Zlotkowski. "Moral Issues Associated With Bioengineered Species: Stewardship, Abuse and Sustainability." Between Species. 8(4):209 216. Fall 1992.

Dandekar, Natalie and Edward Zlotkowski. "Reply to Westra's 'Response Dr. Frankenstein and Today's Professional Biotechnologist'." Between Species. 8(4):222-223. Fall 1992.

Dandekar, Natalie. "Response to Schedler: Why This Policy Is Wrong." Social Theory and Practice. 18(3):333-345. Fall 1992.

Foster, Cheryl. "Aesthetic Disillusionment: Environment, Ethics, Art." Environmental Values. 1(3):205-213. Fall 1992.

Foster, Cheryl. "Schopenhauer's Subtext on Natural Beauty." British Journal of Aesthetics. 32(l):21-32. January 1992.

Kim, Yong C. "The Ethical Ideas in Oriental Religions and Ch'ondogyo." Shinin'gan. June 1992.

Kim, Yong Choon. "The Life and Thought of Ch'oe Suun." Korean Culture. 13(3):4-13. Fall 1992.

McCoy, Mary and Lynn Pasquerella. Are There Reasonable Grounds for Going to War? Study Circles Resource Center. (Public Talk Series). 1992.  22p.

Pasquerella, Lynn.  SEE: McCoy, Mary.

Peterson, John. "God and the Status of Facts." Thomist. 56(4):635-646. October 1992.

Roberts, Mark. "Necessary Propositions and the Square of Opposition." Thomist. 56(3):427-433. July 1992.

Schwarz, Stephen D. "Insert Used Names Wrongly (Letter)." Narragansett Times. September 18, 1992.  p.21-A.

Schwarz, Stephen. Die Verratene Menschenwurde Abtreibun ealsphilosoRhisches Problem. Communio Verlag. 1992. 308p. (Translation of The Moral Question of Abortion. 1990)

Wenisch, Fritz. "Baptism as a Means to Salvation (Column)." Providence Journal Bulletin. March 7, 1992. p.A9.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Catholicism and the Insolubility of Marriage (Colurnn)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. April 25,1992. p.A13.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Confusion Muddies Catholic Teachings (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. January 18, 1992.  p.A11.

Wenisch, Fritz. "'Dissenter' Wrong Role for Catholic Officials (Coluran)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. September 19, 1992.  p..A-11.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Evangelism the Intention of Colonists, Not Slavery (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. November 7,1992.  p. A12.

Wenisch, Fritz. "It's Now the Time for Forgiveness (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. December 26, 1992. p.A-9.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Jews, Christians, Muslims Share the Same Roots (Column)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. June 13,1992.  p.A-11.

Wenisch, Fritz. "Sexuality's Meaning and Purposes Are Inseparable (Column)." Providence Journal‑Bulletin. June 5, 1993.  p.A11.

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