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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1992

Pharmacy Practice

Barbour, Marilyn McFarland.  SEE also: Heller, Gary V.

Barbour, M. M., C. E. Garber, A W. Ahlberg, D. J. Cloutier, J. R. McClellan and G. V. Heller. "Anti-Ischemic Effect of Theophylline: A Concentration Dependent Phenomenon (Abstract)." Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 19(3);241A. 1992.

Barbour, Marilyn McFarland, Carol Ewing Garber, Kailash C. Agarwal, Rahul Malhotra and Gary V. Heller. "Effect of Dipyridamole Therapy on Myocardial Ischemia in Patients With Stable Angina Pectoris Receiving Concurrent Anti-Ischemic Therapy." American Journal of CardioIogy. 69(5):449-452. February 15, 1992.

Barbour, M. M., Contributer. "ISIS 3: A Randomised Comparison of Strepokinase vs Tissue Plasminogen Activator vs Anistrepla se and of Aspirin Plus Heparin vs Aspirin Alone Among 41,299 Cases of Suspected Acute Myocardial Infarction." Lancet. 339(8796):753-770. 28 March 1992.

Barbour, M. M. "Therapeutic Management of Myocardial Ischernia and Infarction." Pharmat, Inc. Continuing Education Program. 1992:21-42.

Campbell, Norman A.  SEE: Simlot, Rupendra.

Dudley, Michael N.  SEE also: Marchbanks, C. Randall; Posner, M. R.; Randandt, Joan M.

Dudley, Michael N., Kathleen K. Graham, Sanjeev Kau], Sandra Geletko, Lisa Dunkle, Marcia Browne and Kenneth Mayer. "Pharmacokinetics of Stavudine in Patients With AIDS or AIDS-Related Complex." Journal of Infectious Diseases. 166(3):480-485. September 1992.

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Dufresne, Robert L., D. Valentino and D. J. Kass. "Thioridazine Improves Affective Systems in Schizophrenic Patients (Abstract)." ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. 27:CP14. December 1992.

Eaton, C. B., J. McPhillips, A. L. Hume, P. A Levinson, A. R. Assaf, T. Lasater and R. Carlton. "The Relationship of Dyslipidemic Hypertension to Diabetes Mellitus in Two New England Communities (Abstract)."   IN: North Atlantic Primary Care Research Conference. 1992.

Geletko, Sandra.  SEE also: Dudley, Michael N.

Geletko, Sandra, Editor. Capsule (Providence Veterans Medical Affairs Center. 1991-1992.

Geletko, S. M. and J. R. Zevzavadjian. "Is Inpatient Ciprofloxacine Used as an Alternative to Inexpensive Oral Antibiotics (Abstract)?" ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. .27:P 384E. December 1992.

Graham, Kathleen K.  SEE: Dudley, Michael N.

Heller, Gary V., Imtiaz Ahmed, Peter L. Tilkemeier, Marilyn M. Barbour and Carol Ewing Garber. "Influence of Exercise Intensity on the Presence, Distribution, and Size of Thallium 201 Defects." American Heart Journal. 123(4 pt.1):909-916. April 1992.

Heller, G. V., R. B. Dweik, J. J. Corning, M. M. Barbour, D. J. Cloutier and C. E. Gerber. "Theophylline Does Not Affect Thalium-201 Imaging Following Intravenous Adenosine Infusion (Abstract)." Journal of the American College of Cardiology.19(3):157A.1992.

Hume, Anne L.  SEE also: Eaton, C. B.

Hume, A. L. "Lisinopril-Induced Hyponatremia (Reply)." DICP, Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 25(7 8):874. July/August 1991.

Hume, Anne L. "Lovastatin-Induced Rhabdomyolysis in the Absence of Concomitant Drugs (Letter)." DICP, Annals of Pharmacotherapy 26(10):1303. October 1992.

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Marchbanks, C. Randall.  SEE also: Radandt, Joan M.

Marchbanks, C. Randall, Michael N. Dudley, Soledad Flor and Barbara Beals. "Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Single Rising Doses of Ofloxacin in Health Volunteers." Pharmacotherapy 12(l):45-49. 1992.

Owens, Norma J.  SEE also: Peers, D. A.

Owens, N. J., C. Willey and M. D. Fretwell. "Association Between Patients Outcomes and Medications Between Acutely III Older Patients." ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. 27:CP5. December 1992.

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Stoukides, Cheryl A.  SEE also: Jones, Kristen M.; Peer, Dorothy A

Stoukides, Cheryl A. and Tadeusz Chichocki. "Evolution of Zidovudine Dosing." DICP, Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 26(6):784-785. June 1992.

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