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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993


Holmes, W. B. "Book Review: Carrier, David. Poussin's Paintings: A Study in Art Historical Methodology." Choice. 31(2):277. October 1993.

Holmes, W. B. "Book Review; Wollen, Peter. Raiding the Icebox: Reflections on Twentieth Century Culture." Choice. 31(3):448. November 1993.

Onorato, Ronald J.  SEE also: Rhode Island Connection.

Onorato, R. J. "Book Review: Allocations: Art for a Natural and Artificial Environment, ed. by Jim Brand, Catelijne de Muyunck and Jouke YJeerebezem." Choice. 31(1):96. September 1993.

Onorato, R. J. "Book Review: Alexander Jackson Davis. American Architect, 1830-1892, ed. by Amelia Peck." Choice. 30(6):949. February 1993.

Onorato, R. J. "Book Review: Sack, Manfred. Richard Neutra." Choice. 31(3):448. November 1993.

Rhode Island Connection: Fifteen Contemporary Glass Masters. Curated by Virginia Lynch; Essay by Ronald J. Onorato. Newport Art Museum. 1993.  16p.  (Exhibition Catalog)

Richman, Gary. Some Families of Beau Marais. Blue Book Issues. (Issue 14) 1993.  [39p]

Roworth, Wendy Wassyng. "T'he Evolution of History Painting: Masaniello's Revolt and Other Disasters in Seventeenth Century Naples." Art Bulletin. LXXV(2):219-234. June 1993.

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