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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993

Computer Science & Statistics

Bianchi, Lisa, Jeffrey E. Jarrett and R. Choudry Hanumara. "Forecasting Incoming Calls to Telemarketing Centers." Journal of Business Forecasting. Summer 1993.  p.3-11.

Bussiere, G., J. Oblinger and V. F. Wolfe. "Real Time Considerations in Submarine and Target Motion Analysis." IN: Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Real Time Applications. IEEE. (93TH0559 5) 1993. p.1221125.

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Doherty, Michael, Joan Peckham and Victor Fay Wolfe. "Implementing Relationships and Constraints in an Object Oriented Database Using a Monitor Construct."  IN: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Rules in Database Systems. Department and Computing and Electrical Engineering, Heriot Watt University. 1993.

Hanumara, R. Choudry.  SEE also: Bianchi, Lisa; Crouse; Salzillo.

Hanumara, R. Choudry and Sholeh Ghedari. "Interval Estimation of Parameters in Models for Seasonal Growth in Fishes." Fisheries Research. 18(3/4):349-361. December 1993.

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Lamagna, Edmund A.  SEE: Hyslop, G. A.

Peckham, Joan.  SEE: Doherty, Michael; Wolfe, Victor Fay.

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Wolfe, Victor Fay.  SEE also: Bussiere, G.; DiPippo, Lisa B. Cingiser; Doherty, Michael.

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Wolfe, V. F. "Real Time Processing" and "Fault Tolerance."  IN: Next Generation Computer Resources Database Interface Requirements.  U.S. Government SPAWAR. 1993.

Wolfe, V. F. "RTC: Language Support for Real Time Concurrency." Real Ti me Systems. 5(l);83-87. March 1993.

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