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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993

Civil & Environmental

Adeyinka, Olumide A. and K. Wayne Lee. "Integration of a Municipal Pavement Management System With a Geographic Information System."  IN: International Conference on Microcomputers in Transportation (4th. 1992. Baltimore, Md.). Microcomputers in Transportation , Proceedings...., Edited by John Chow. American Society of Civil Engineers. 1993.  p.26-38.

Chaudhury, Rajat Roy, Raymond M. Wright, Igor Runge and Daniel W. Urish. "Application of the Storm Water Management Model in Evaluating Combined Sewer Overflows."  IN: Water Management in the'90's: Time for Innovation, Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary Conference.... American Society of Civil Engineers. 1993.  p.774-777.

Frohlich, Reinhard K and Daniel W. Urish. "The Use of Geoelectrical Methods in Groundwater Pollution Surveys in a Coastal Environment (Abstract)." Geological Society of America. Abstracts With Programs. 25(6):A245.1993.

Kovacs, W. D. "Engineering Practice: Adopt a University (Editorial)." Civil Engineering. 63(6):6. June 1993.

Lee, Kang Wayne.  SEE: Adeyinka, Olumide A

Marcus, Alan S. "Tennis, Anyone? (Letter)." Providence Journal-Bulletin. June 15, 1993.

Morin, R. H. and D. W. Urish. "Hydrographic Characterization of a Coastal Acquifer by Geophysical Log Analysis, Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts."  IN: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium of the Minerals and Geotechnical Logging Society, Tulsa, OK Oct.24 28, 1993.  23p.

O'Reilly, M. J., D. W. Urish and J. W. Portnoy. "The Nature of Groundwater OutflowThrough Beaches in a Coastal Estuary."  IN: Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meetinj!, San Francisco, CA, Dec.6-10, 1993.  p.261.

Runge, Igor.  SEE: Chaudhury, Rajat Roy.

Urish, Daniel W.  SEE also: Chaudhury, Rajat Roy; Morin, R. H.; O'Reilly, M. J.

Urish, D. W., M. J. O'Reilly, R. M. Wright and R. K. Frohlich. Assessment of Ground Water and Surface Water Impacts: Provincetown Landfill and Septic Disposal Site, Provincetown, Massachusetts. National Park Service. (Technical Report NPSINARURI.NRTR 93/01) 1993.  143p.

Urish, D. W., M. J. O'Reilly, R. K. Frohlich and R. H. Morin. "Characterization of Coastal Hydrogeology and Groundwater Contamination by Geophysical Methods."  IN: Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec.6 10,1993.  p.243.

Wright, Raymond M.  SEE also: Chaudhury, Rajat Roy; Urish, Daniel W.

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