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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993

Industrial & Manufacturing

Askin, Ronald G. and Manbir Sodhi. Organization of Teams in Concurrent Engineering. 1993.

Boothroyd, Geoffrey.  SEE also: Raucent, B.

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Dewhurst, Peter.  SEE also: Subramani, Anantha.

Dewhurst, Peter. "Dissembly by Design." Assembly.  April 1993.

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Dewhurst, Peter, Associate Editor. Journal of Manufacturing Systems. Vol.12, 1993.

Dewhurst, Peter. "Product Design for Manufacture: Design for Disassembly." Industrial Engineering. 25(9):26-28. September 1993.

Knight, Winston A.  SEE also: Boothroyd, Geoffrey; Stanziano, Michael.

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Sodhi, Manbir S. Multiperiod Tool and Production Assignment in Flexible Manufacturing Systems. Revised. March 1993.

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Subramani, Anantha and Peter Dewhurst. "Efficient Design for Service Considerations." Manufacturing Review. 6(l):40-47. March 1993.

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