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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993


Levin, Linda Lotridge. Mass Communication Law in Rhode Island. New Forums Press. 1993.  100p.

Levin, Linda L. "Setting the Record Straight on Cigar Charges (Letter)." Good 5c Cigar. December 10, 1993.  p.10.

Levin, Linda Lotridge. To Understand; A History of the 10 Year Exchange of Editors and Ideas Between New England Society of Newspaper Editors and the Union of Soviet Journalists. Boston Globe. 1993.  144p.

Luebke, Barbara F. "Editorial Writer Didn't Do Homework (Letter)." Narragansett Times. April 28, 1993.  p.-15A.

Luebke, Barbara F. "Faculty Senate Is NOT Stuck in a Quagmire (Letter)." Good 5c Cigar. November 4, 1993.  p.8.

Luebke, Barbara F. "Senate Debating URI Plan (Letter)." Narragansett Times. November 3, 1993.  p.17-A

Markin, Karen. Communication Assumptions in Selected Judicial Opinions on Broadcast Regulation, 1927-1990. (Thesis Ph.D.) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 1993.  361p.

Ramsay, Glenworth and Antone Silvia. "Breaking Barriers; Can Student Journalists and Economists Learn Together?" College Teaching. 41(4):129 -33. Fall 1993.

Silvia, Antone J., Jr.  SEE also: Ramsay, Glenworth.

Silvia, A. J., Jr. "Book Review: Pluralizing Journalism Education: A Multicultural Handbook, ed. By Carolyn Martindale." Choice. 31(3):511. November 1993.

Silvia, A. J., Jr. "Book Review: Puette, William. Through Jaundiced Eyes: How the Media View Organized Labor." Choice. 30(7):1138. March 1993.

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Silvia, Tony. The Thirteenth State. (6 Video Taped Television Productions) 1993.

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