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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993

Library & Information Studies

American Library Association. Find Your Voices and Be Heard: Getting More Women Into Print. ALA. 1993. 2 Sound Recordings. (Speakers: GraceAnne DeCandido, Patricia Glass Schuman and Fay Zipkowitz)

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Gilton, Donna L. "This Far by Faith: Resources of the Afro American Church." RQ. 32(4):468-484. Summer 1993.

GiIton, Donna L. Library Instruction -- LSC 524. University of Rhode Island Graduate Library School. 1993. ED381159.

Siitonen, Leena. "Continuing Education for Librarians in Post Socialist Countries: A Case Study on Estonia."  IN: Continuing Professional Education and IFLA: Past, Present, and a Vision for the, Future; Papers from the IFLA CPERT Second World Conference on Continuing, Professional Education for the Library and Information Science Professionals) Edited by Blanche Wools. K G. Saur. 1993.  p.225-239

Siitonen, Leena, Editor. International LEADS (Newsletter of the International Relations Roundtable of the American Library Association). 1991.

Zipkowitz, Fay.  SEE also: American Library Association.

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