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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993

Management & Information Systems

Ageloff, Roy.  SEE also: Rhee, S. Ghon.

Ageloff, Roy [et al]. Computer Fundamentals & Applications for Business: DOS, Wordperfect 5.1, Lotus 1 2 3, Release 2.3,2.4, dBase IV, Version 1.5. Course Technology. 1993. lv (Various Pagings)

Ageloff, Roy and Diane Zak. dBASE IV versions 1.5/2.0 for Business. Course Technology. 1993.

Ageloff, Roy. Introduction to dBase III PLUS. Course Technology. 1993. 221p. + I Computer Disk.

Ageloff, Roy. Introduction to dBase IV, Version 1.5. Course Technology. 1993. 223p. + 1 Computer Disk.

Ageloff, Roy. Lotus 1 2 3, Release 2.4 for Business: With WYSIVvrYG and SmartIcons. Course Technology. 1993.  646p. + I Computer Disk. Iv. (Various Pagings)

Ageloff, Roy, Scott Zimmerman and Beverly Zimmerman. Micro Computer Applicati ons for Business. ,DOS.' WordPerfect 5. L, Lotus 1 2 3 Release 2.3/2.4., dBASE IV Version 1.5. Course Technology. 1993.  1 v. (Various Pagings) + 1 Computer Disk + 1 Template.

Bianchi, Lisa, Jeffrey E. Jarrett and R. Choudary Hanumara. "Forecasting Incoming Calls to Telemarketing Centers." Journal of Business Forecasting. Summer 1993.  p.3-11.

Budnick, Frank S. Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics, and the Social Sciences. 4th ed. McGraw Hill. 1993.  993p.

Chen, Shaw K., Gene C. Lai, Hung Gay Fung and Wai Chung Lo. "Dependency in Pacific Basin Stock Returns." International Review of Financial Analysis. 2(3):199-211. 1993.

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Humphrey, Alan B. and Robert F. Lewis. "Geographic Aggregation of Health Data; A Comparison of Alternatives for 1990 and Beyond." Health Marketing Quarterly. 10(3,4):55-65. 1993.

Jarrett, Jeffrey E.  SEE also: Bianchi, Lisa.

Jarrett, Jeffrey. "Expressing Bigotry Not in Good Taste (Letter)." Narragansett Times. December 22, 1993.  p.19-A.

Kim, Chai and S. Wood. The Global Classroom: A Handbook for Globalizing the Business Curriculum Via E Mail Debate. University of Rhode Island. 1993.   48p.

Kim, Chai. A Student Guide to The Global Classroom. University of Rhode Island. 1993.

Mangiamelli, Paul M.  SEE: Tannous, George F.

Mundorf, Norbert, Stu Westin and Nik Dholakia. "Effects of Hedonic Components and User's Gender on the Acceptance of Screen Based Information Services." Behavior and Information Based Technology. 12(5):293-303. 1993.

Mundorf, Norbert, Stuart Westin, Winifred Brownell and Nikhilesh Dholakia. "Reevaluating Gender Differences in New Communication Technologies." Communication Research Reports. 9(2):171-181.1993.

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Westin, Stu.  SEE also: Mundorf, Norbert.

Westin, Stu. "Abstract."  IN: Dholakia, Nikhilesh and Norbert Mundorf, Editors. New Information Technologies: Panacea or Peril? University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquuim: 1993. University of Rhode Island. 1993.  p.29.

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Westin, Stu, Editorial Review Board. Information Resources Management Journal. 1993.

Westin, Stu, Editorial Review Board. Journal of Database Management. Vol.4. 1993.

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