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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993


Blomberg, Lena, Howard C. Krivan, Paul S. Cohen and Patricia L. Conway. "Piglet Ileal Mucus Contains Protein and Glycolipid (Galactosylceramide) Receptors Specific for Eeschefichia coli K888 Fimbriae." Infection and Immunity. 61(6):2526-2531. June 1993.

Blomberg, Lena, Paul S. Cohen and Patricia L. Conway. "A Study of the Adhesive Capacity of ESCHERICHIA COLI Strain Bd 110717508 (K88ac) in Relation to Growth Phase." Microbial Pathogenesis. 14(l):67-74. 1993.

Burghoff, Robert I , Lars Pallesen, Karen A. Krogfelt, Joseph V. Newman, Mac Richardson, Judith L. Bliss, David C. Laux and Paul S. Cohen. "Utilization of the Mouse Large Intestine to Select an Escherichia coli F 18 DNA Sequence 'Mat Enhances Colonizing Ability and Stimulates Synthesis of Type I Fimbriae." Infection and Immunity. 61(4):1293-1300. April 1993.

Cabelli, Victor J.  SEE also: Fatta, B.; Lehrer, A.; Vonschirnding, Y. E. R.

Cabelli, Victor J. et al. "Bather Morbidity From Recreational Exposure to Sea Water."  IN: Diffuse Pollution: Proceedings of the IAWQ 1st International Conkrence on Diffuse (Nonpoint Pollution: Sources, Prevention, Impact, Abatement.... Editor, H. Olem. Pergamon Press. (Water Science and Technology. 28(3 4)) 1993.  p.183-186.

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Wood, Norris P.  SEE: Harewood, Patrick M.; Osgood, Doreen P.

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