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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1993

Physical Education & Exercise Science

Benson, C., T. C. Manfredi, Carol E. Garber, M. Caldwell and K Corey. "Seasonal Swim Training and Carbohydrate Intake (Abstract)." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 25(5):S94. May 1993.

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Cohen, Greta L  SEE also: Women in Sport.

Cohen, Greta L. "Media Portrayal of the Female Athlete."  IN: Women in Sport Issues and Controversies. Edited by Greta L. Cohen. Sage. 1993.  p.171-184.

Cohen, Greta L. 'Sport in the Global Community."  IN: Women in Sport: Issues and Controversies. Edited by Greta L. Cohen. Sage. 1993 . p.305-319.

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Josephs, Lynn and Robert J. Sonstroem. "Exercise and Self Esteem: Model Expansion and Prediction of Exercise in Female Aerobic Dancers (Abstract)." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 25(5):S137. May 1993.

Manfredi, Thomas G.  SEE also: Benson, C.; Fielding, Roger A.; Stillwell, K

Manfredi, T. G., W. Ding, H. Y. Lee, R. J. Fielding, M. A. Fiatarone, J. G. Cannon and W. J. Evans. "Quantification of Skeletal Muscle Damage (Abstract)." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 25(5):S72. May 1993.

Marsden, Herci, Director/Coreographer. State Ballet of Rhode Island. Thirty Fourth Performing Season. 1993/94. (Program)

Roush, Susan E. "Ethical and Legal Aspects of Physical Therapy Practice (Column)." Newsletter of the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. 14(3):10. August 1993; 14(4):6. November 1993.

Sonstroem, Robert J.  SEE also: Egleston, Stephanie A.; Josephs, Lynn.

Sonstroem, Robert J., Lisa L. Harlow and Kevin Salisbury. "Path Analysis of a Self Esteem Model Across a Competitive Swim Season." Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. 64(3):335-342. September 1993.

Sonstroem, R. J., K R. Fox, D. A Kendzierski and C. B. Corbin. "Self Esteem and Life Adjustment: The Importance of Perceived Physical Competence (Abstract)." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 25(5):S24. May 1993.

Stillwell, K., B. Fernhall and T. Manfredi. "Physiological Predictors of 1500 M Run Time in Female Collegiate Runners (Abstract)." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 25(5):S51. May 1993.

Women in Sport: Issues and Controversies, Edited by Greta L Cohen. Sage. 1993.  338p.

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