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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1994


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Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: Don't You Just Love It."' Good 5c Cigar. October 20, 1994.  p.6.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: IntercoIIegiate Sports: Do They Make the Grade?" Good 5c Cigar. September 28, 1994.  p.6.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: Religion and Politics: The Catholic Church and Criticism: Bigotry or Political Satire." Good 5c Cigar. October 6, 1994.  p.9.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: RepubIicans - From the TwiIight Zone to the Center of the Ring. Can Their Philosophy and Tactics Survive the Inevitable Scrutiny? Can We Afford to Let Them Fail? What Can We Do to Help?" Good 5c Cigar. November 17, 1994.  p.9.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: Rx f or What AiIs Us (Needed: A New Focus for Primary and Secondary Education)." Good 5c Cigar. October 27, 1994.   p.9.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: A Sad State of Affairs." Good 5c Cigar. September 15, 1994.  p.8.

StreuIi, Konrad. "The Party Line: SpirituaIIy and Dan QuayIe." Good 5c Cigar. October 13, 1994.  p.6.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: Stocking Stuffer: The RepubIican 'Contract With America' (or Where Was a Good Lawyer When We Needed One)." Good 5c Cigar. December 8, 1994.  p.6.

Streuli, Konrad. "The Party Line: World Government, National Sovereignty and Chickens Coming Home to Roost." Good 5c Cigar. December 1, 1994.  p.7-8.

Streuli, Konrad. "Population Problems: Growth or Decline?" Good 5c Cigar. September 9, 1994.  p.7.

Streuli, Konrad. "Where Are We Headed With Our Society and Civilization?" Good 5c Cigar. April 28, 1994.  p.7.

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