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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1994

Physical Education

Agostinucci, J, "The Analgesic Effect of Topical Anesthetics on Uninjured Skin (Abstract)." Physical Therapy. 74(5,Suppl,):Sl57. 1994.

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Marsden, Herci, Director/Choreographer. State Ballet of Rhode Island. Thirty-Fourth Performing Season 1993/94. Wroaram)

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Sonstroem, Robert J.  SEE also: LeveiIlee, C. M.

Sonstroem, Robert J., Lisa L. Harlow and Lynn Josephs. "Exercise and Self Esteem: Validity of Model Expansion and Exercise Associations. " Journal of Sport & Exercise Physiology. 16:29-42. 1994.

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