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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995

Community Planning & Area Development

Atash, Farhad, Robert B. Shaw, K. Wayne Lee and Abhijit Brahmachari. A Preliminary Study to Formulate Multimodal Transportation Strategies to Alleviate Traffic Congestion in Small Urban Areas of New England. Department of Community Planning and Area Development, College of Resource Development; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering. University of Rhode Island. (New England University Transportation Center. Sixth Year Research Report. Final Report) 1995.  52p.

Foster, H. H. "Book Review: Understanding Your Economy; Using Analysis to Guide Local Strategic Planning. M. L. McLean, K. P . Voytek, K. P. Balfe, T. R. Hammer and J. F. McDonald." Journal of Urban Affairs. 17(4): 23-434. 1995.

Pendall, Rolf. Growth Controls and Affordable Housing in the United States: Results From a Recent Survey. University of California at Berkeley, Institute of Urban and Regional Development. (Working Paper No. 636) 1995.  35p.

Shaw, Robert B.   SEE: Atash, Farhad

Stevens, Benjamin H. "Mutually Beneficial Interactions Between Regional Science and Regional Practice." International Regional Science Review. 18(2):211+ 1995.

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