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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995

Computer Science & Statistics

Achanta, A. S. , J. G. Kowalski and C. T. Rhodes. "Artificial Neural Networks: Implications for Pharmaceutical Sciences." Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 21(l):119-155. 1995.

Carrano, Frank M. Data Abstraction and Problem Solving With C++: Walls and Mirrors. Benjamin/Cummings. 1995.  1v. (Various Pagings)

Castro, Margarida and William Lawing. "A Study of Sampling Strategies for Estimating Growth Parameters in Fish Populations." Fisheries Research. 22:59‑75. 1995.

Crouse, Robert H., Chun Jin and R. C. Hanumara. "Unbiased Ridge Estimation With Prior Information and Ridge Trace." Communications in Statistics: Theory and Method. 24(9):2341‑2354. 1995.

Hanumara, R. Choudary.  SEE: Crouse, Robert H.

Heltshe, James F.   SEE: Lake, J. L.

Kowalski, James G.  SEE: Achanta, A. S.

Lake, J. L., R. McKinney, C. A. Lake, F. A. Osterman and J. Heltshe. "Comparisons of Patterns of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Cogeners in Water, Sediment, and Indigenous Organisms From New Bedford Harbor, Massachusetts." Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology . 29(2):207‑220. August 1995.

Lau, Kam Fui, Victor Fay Wolfe and Joan Peckham. "Advanced Database Support for Fund Management. World Fund Industry. No. 4: 53‑56. March 1995.

Lawing, William.   SEE: Castro, Margarida.

Peckham, Joan.  SEE: Lau, Kam Fui; Wolfe, Victor Fay.

Wolfe, Victor Fay.   SEE also: Lau, Kam Fui.

Wolfe, V. F.,  L. C. DiPippo, J. J. Prichard, J. Peckham and P. J. Fortier. "Design of Real‑Time Extensions to the Open‑Oriented Database System." IN Proceedings of the 1994 1st Workshop on Object‑Oriented Real‑Time Dependable Systems (WORDS 194). IEEE. 1995.  p.86‑93.

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