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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995

Civil & Environmental

Atash, Farhad, Robert B. Shaw, K. Wayne Lee and Abhijit Brahmachari. A Preliminary Study to Formulate Multimodal Transportation Strategies to Alleviate Traffic Congestion in Small Urban Areas of New England. Department of Community Planning and Area Development, College of Resource Development; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering. University of Rhode Island. (New England University Transportation Center. Sixth Year Research Program. Final Report) 1995.  52p.

Dober Young, Eileen and George Tsiatis. "'Behavior of a Red Oak Stress Laminated Bridge in Rhode Island." Transportation Research Record. 1476; 188+ 1995.

Kovacs, William D.   SEE: Lee, K. Wayne.

Lee, K. Wayne.  SEE also: Atash, Farhad; Madapati, Racrhu Ram.

Lee, K. Wayne, William D. Kovacs, Alan S. Marcus and Raghu Ram Madapati. Feasibility of Crumb Rubber Use for Asphalt Pavement Construction in Rhode Island. (Final Research Report URI CVET 95-1. Prepared for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation) Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Rhode Island. December 1995.

Lee, K. W. and H. X. Mao. "Resilient Characteristics of Granular Soils and Unbound Aggregates for Flexible Pavement Design."  IN: Unbound Aggregates in Roads, Edited by Andrew Dawson and Ron Jones. Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham. 1995.  p115 -26.

Madapati, Raghu Ram, K. Wayne Lee and Colin A. Franco. "Evaluation of Crumb Rubber in Asphalt Pavements."  IN: Transportation Congress; Proceedings of the Air Transport Highway, Urban Planning and Development, and the Urban Transportation Division. Edited by B. Kent Lall and Daniel L. Jones, Jr. American Society of Civil Engineers. 1995. 1:755-767.

Marcus, Alan S.   SEE: Lee, K. Wayne.

Morin, Roger H. and Daniel W. Urish. "Hydrostratigraphic Characterization of a Coastal Aquifer by Geophysical Log Anaiysis, Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts." Log Analyst. 36 (4):27-37. July August 1995.

O 'Reilly, M. J., D. W. Urish and J. W. Portnoy. "The Nature of Groundwater Outflow Through Beaches in a Coastal Estuary (Abstract)." EOS. 74(42): October 26, 1993.

Silva, Armand J. and George E. Tsiatis. "Integrated Geogrid Mattress Armouring System for Capping of Contaminated Dredge Materials."  IN: Proceedings of the Ports '95 Conference on Port Engineering and Development for the 21st Century. ASCE. 1995. 1:739 750.

Tsiatis, George E.  SEE: Dober Young,, Eileen; Silva, Armand J.

Urish, Daniel W.  SEE also: Morin, Roger H.; O'Reilly, M. J.

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