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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995

Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Science

Bodammer, J. E. and S. A. Maclean. "Ultrastructure Observations on the Haemoparasite Haematractidium scombri in the Atlantic Mackerel, Scomber scombrus L." Journal of Fish Diseases. 8(2):243-247. March 1995.

Bradley, Terence M.   SEE: Hidalgo, Elena; Ji, H.

DeAlteris, Joseph T.   SEE: Riedel, R.

Guerin, Jessica, Kimberly Nash, Ulysses Whitworth, Walter A. Gross and Thomas N. Mather. Equine Lyme Disease in Rhode Island. University of Rhode Island Department of Fisheries and Animal Science & Center for Vector Borne Disease. (Information Update) Summer 1995.  4p.

Haas, R. E. and C. W. Reckseik. "Age Verification of Winter Flounder in Narragansett Bay." TTransactions of the American Fisheries Society. 124(l):103-111. 1995.

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Ji, H. , T. M. Bradley and G. C. Tremblay. "The Effect of Dietary L Carnitine on Growth, Feed Conversion and Body Composition in Juvenile Atlantic Salmon (SALMO SALAR) (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 94 4):A744. March 10, 1995.

Jimoh, A. G. , D. L. Wise, J. D. Gressor, R. H. Foote, R. C. Rhodes, L. M. Underhill and D. J. Trantolo, "Pulsatile Release of FSH for Superovulation in Cattle." Theriogenology. 43(3):645 656. February 1995.

Reckseik, Conrad W.   SEE also: Haas, R. E.

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Rheault, Robert B. and Michael A. Rice. "Tranilent Gear A Novel Approach to Shell Fish Aquaculture (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 14 (1):246. 1995.

Rheault, Robert B. and Michael A. Rice. "Transient Gear Shellfish Aquaculture." World Aquaculture. 26(l):26 31. March 1995.

Rhodes, Richard C., III.   SEE: Jimoh, A. G.

Rice, Michael A.   SEE also: Rheault, Robert B.; Tammi, Karin A.

Rice, Michael. Rhode Island Freshwater Clams and Mussels. Rhode Island Sea Grant. (Rhode Island Sea Grant Fact Sheet) 1995.  21p.

Rice, Michael A. and Elizabeth Gibbs, Editors. Rhode Island Shellfish Industry Conference (3rd. 1994. University of Rhode Island). Proceedings. Rhode Island Sea Grant. 1995.  95p.

Rice, Michael A. and Joseph Goncalo. "Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Bivalve Larvae in Greenwich Bay, Rhode Island, During the Summer of 1993 (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 14(1):246. 1995.

Rice, Michael A. and Joseph Goncalo. Studies on the Population of oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in the Warren River, Rhode Island During the Summer of 1995. Department of Fisheries, Animal, and Veterinary Science, University of Rhode Island. (Special Publication No. 3 in Fisheries and Aquaculture) 1995.  18p.

Riedel, R. and J. DeAlteris. "Factors Affecting Hydrodynamic Performance of the Nordmore Grate System: A Bycatch Reduction Device Used in the Gulf of Maine Shrimp Fishery." Fisheries Research. 24(3):181-198. 1995.

Tammi, Karin A., Michael Rice, Scott Soares, Wayne Turner and Margaret Brunsted. "The Determination of Optical Settlement and Recruitment of Bay Scallops, ARGOPECTEN IRRADIANS, to Artificial Spat Collectors in the Westport River Estuary, Massachusetts (Abstract)." Journal of Shellfish Research. 14(l):248. 1995.

Tammi, Karin A., Linda Taylor Green, Margaret Kerr and Michael A. Rice. Likelihood of Invasion of the Aquatic Exotic Zebra Mussell, DREISSENA POLYMORPHA (PallTS), into Rhode Island Freshwater Systems; 1995 Assessment of Boating Activity in Potential Zebra Mussel Habitats for Monitored Areas in Rhode Island. Rhode Island Sea Grant. (Pl395-RIU-T- 95-002) 1995. 24p. (Summary Also in Proceedings of the Northeast Conference on Non Indiaenous Aguatic Nuisacne Species. N. Balcolm, Editor. Connecticut Sea Grant. (CT-SG-95-04) 1995. p. 24-26.)

Whitworth, Ulysses.  SEE: Guerin, Jessica.

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