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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995


Bariolla, Ottavio. Capriccios, Overo Canzoni a Quattro‑‑Libro Terzo: Milan, 1594Edited by James Ladewig. Garland. 1995.  186p.

Canzonas and Capriccio From the Secona Aggiunta Alli Concerti Raccolti dal Molto Reverndo Don Francesco Lucino a Due, Tre e Quattro Voci, di Diversi Eccellenti Autori‑‑Novamente Raccolta, & Data in Luice da Filippo Lomazzo (Milan, 1617); and, Il Primo Libro de Canzoni Francese a 4. & Alcune Suonate (Venice, 1624). Nicolo Corradini, Edited by James Ladewig. Garland. 1995.

Ladewig, James.   SEE also: Bariolla, Ottavio; Canzonas....

Ladewig, James, Selector and Editor. Italian Instrumental Music of the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries; Previously Unpublished Full Scores of Major Works From the Renaissance and Early Baroque. A Garland Series. 1995.

Livingston, Carolyn, Editorial Committee. Bulletin of Historical Research in Music Education. XVI‑‑XVII. 1994/95‑1995/96.

Livingston, Carolyn. "Rhode Island Research….” Rhode Island Music Educators Review. Winter 1995.  p.12‑13.

Livingston, Carolyn. "Rhode Island Research: Does Music Study Enhance Learning in Other Areas?" Rhode Island Music Educators Review. XXXIX (1) :7. Fall 1995.

Livingston, Carolyn. "Rhode Island Research: Research Session at the MENC Eastern Division Conference." Rhode Island Music Educators Review. Summer 1995.   p.14.

Livingston, Carolyn. "Rhode Island Research: Visual Processing While Reading at Different Speeds." Rhode Island Music Educators Review.  Spring 1995.   p.8.

Pollart, Gene J. "On a Grateful Note (Letter)." Providence Journal‑Bulletin. July 19, 1995.  p.B7.

Pollart, Gene. "President's Message….”  Rhode Island Music Educators Review. XXXVIII(2):2. Winter 1995; XXXVIII(3):2. Spring 1995; XXXVIII(4):2. Summer 1995; XXXIX(l):2. Fall 1995.

Saladino, David. "An Interview With Gordon Binkerd." Choral Journal. 35 (9):3‑41. April 1995.

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