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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 1995

Pharmacognosy & Environmental Health

Bauer, Ines, Lucie Maranda, Kurt A. Young, Yuzuru Shimizu, Craig Fairchild, Laurie Cornell, Judy MacBetgh and Stella Huang. "Isolation and Structure of Caribenolide I, a Highly Potent Antitumor Macrolide From a Cultured Free-Swimming Caribbede Dinof lagellate, Amphidinium Sp S1-36-5." Journal of Organic Chemistry. 60(4):1084-1086. 1995.

Bauer, Ines, Lucie Maranda, Kurt A. Young and Yuzuru Shimizu. "The Isolation and Structures of Unusual 1, 4-polyketides From the Dinoflagellate Amphidinium sp." Tetrahedron Letters. 36(7):991-994. 1995.

Chen, Ching Shi. SEE: Chen, C. Y.; Shieh, Woan-Ru.

Chen, C. Y. and C. S. Chen. "Stereoselectivity Disposition of Ibuprof en in Patients With Compromised Renal Hemodynamics." British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 40(l):67-72. 1995.

Hoehi, Y., T. Kido, K. Nogawa, H. Kito and Z. A. Shimizu. "Dose Response Relationship Between Total Cadmium Intake and Prevalence of Renal Dysfunction Using General Linear Models." Journal of Applied Toxicology. . 15(2):109-116. 1995.

Maranda, Lucie.  SEE also: Bauer, Ines.

Maranda, Lucie. "Population Studies of Dinophysis spp. in a Northern Temperate Coastal Embayment."  IN: Harmful Marine Algal Blooms. P. Lassus et al., eds. Lavoisier. 1995.  p 609-613.

Martin, Lenore M. "Book Review: Aqueous Two Phase Partitioning Physical Chemistry and Dioanalytical Applications, by Boris Y. Zaslavsky." Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 21(11):1485-1486. 1995.

Shieh, W. R. and C. S. Chen. "Preparation and Characterization of a D myo inositol 1, 4, 5-trisphosphate -Specific Antibody." Biochemical Journal . 311(pt. 3):1009-1014. November 1, 1995.

Shimizu, Yuzuru.  SEE also: Bauer, Ines; Hoehi, Y.; Shirahase, H.

Shimizu, Y., N. Watanabe and G. Wrensford. "Biosynthesis of Brevetoxins and Heterotrophic Metabolism in Gymmoclinium breve"  IN: Harmful Marine Algal Blooms. P. Lassus, G. Arzul, E. Erard, P. Gentien and C Marcaillou, eds. Lavoisier, Intercept. 1995.  p.351-357.

Shimizu, Yuzuru. "Extracting Drugs From the Sea." Maritimes. 38 (1):13-16. Spring 1995.

Shirahase, H, , M. Kanda and Y. Shimizu. "Endothellium Dependent Construction in Intrapulmonary Arteries: Mediation by Endothelial NK1 Receptors and TXA2." British Journal of Pharmacology. 115(7):1215. August 1995.

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